AQUATEK Ozone Generator for Marine or Fresh Water Aquariums (OZ-150)

Product Descriptions

  • State-of-the-art ozone generator for saltwater or freshwater aquariums.
  • Unit offers adjustable output level, suitable for all tank sizes.
  • Utilizes high frequency switching technology.
  • No regular maintenance required.
  • Sterilize without harmful chemicals.
  • Interface with all Redox (ORP) controllers.
  • Maximum Output: 150mg / hr
  • Dimension: L 8″ x W 7″x H 2.5″
  • Designed for 110V / 60Hz

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Ozonizer Setting Recommendation

What can ozone do for the aquarium?

Ozone is a very reactive form of oxygen that can destroy an enormous variety of liquid waste materials and toxins. In the aquarium, it offers a simple, highly effective method of maintaining a clean and stable environment for the plants and animals. The ORP (Oxidation, Reduction Potential or Redox) is a measure of the oxidization capacity of water. A low ORP indicates a high (and undesirable) level of organic matter in the water. Excessive ozone will affect the delicate chemical composition of seawater. Therefore, it is preferable if the ORP is monitored and used to determine when ozone should be applied.
The injection of ozone into the water can improve the efficiency of protein skimming and raises the ORP (Redox potential), thus increasing oxygen levels ( NO2 + O3 = NO3 + O2 ) and decreasing dissolved wastes; ozone also effectively kills numerous harmful pathogens. The decomposition of toxic nitrite is enhanced whilst the bacteria count in the water decreases, minimizing the risk of ill health in the animals. The compounds that produce yellow coloring in the aquarium are broken down and the water stays crystal clear. Our ozone generator utilizes the latest low voltage technology for safety and reliability. The Ozone Generator to be used either as a stand-alone unit or with an ORP Controller.