AQUATEK CO2 Regulator Solenoid Six Outlet

Perfect for calcium reactor and Freshwater Plant CO2 injection applications. Calcium Reactors and CO2 fertilization require far more precision in their dosing. Our Deluxe CO2 Regulator with solenoid is the best we’ve seen. Unit comes with dual gauges each with dual reading of both psi & kg/cm. Left gauge meters tank capacity and right gauge meters flow. With its fine tuning capabilities and electronic regulation, this CO2 Regulator meets the highest industry quality standard.


Product Descriptions

  • Use single cylinder and split to 6 different outlet
  • Cool-touch, industrial solenoid design
  • Dual Gauges for higher accuracy
  • Brass constructions for long-lasting durability and dependability (Why is brass body superior?)
  • Heavy duty electronic cabling
  • Compatible with most high density tubing
  • Bubble Counters included

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Price: $149.99 (Out of Stock)

We also carry CO2 paintball tank CGA 320 adapter, see Accessories

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