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AQUATEK ChillMaster Cooling Fan Series

Q: Why can’t I fit the clamp bracket of ChillMaster cooling fan over the lip/edge of my tank?

A: The clamp bracket is designed to fit over aquarium lip 1/2 inch or less. These cooling fans are designed primarily to fit over salt water aquariums made with fortified glass, which are typically rimless (no lip).

But we can offer a quick fix for this problem. We suggest that you go to a nearby hardware store (Home Depot, Ace… etc) and purchase a piece of clear plastic (or pixie glass, they usually come in pre-cut 8×11 pieces) and a tube of epoxy (a special plastic adhesive). Once you have these items ready, thoroughly clean the outside edge of the aquarium where you would like to attach the fan to, then, glue the clear plastic piece to the outside of the edge. The plastic wall should rise at least 1 inch above the edge of your aquarium; this will ensure a secure fixture of the fan to the plastic wall.

Q: Can I change the direction of airflow when I am using ChillMaster cooling fans?

A: The direction of air flow can be easily changed by detaching the clamp bracket and swap the left to right and vice versa. The clamp bracket can be detached by removing the screw that is used to secure it to the frame of the fan.


AQUATEK CO2 Regulator Solenoid

Q: Why is brass body superior to aluminum for regulators?

A: Brass is the gold standard material to manufacture gas regulators.
Better Stability
Because brass has lower thermal expansion property (Brass: 18.7 10-6 m/m K; Aluminum: 22.2 10-6 m/m K) and better heat conductivity than aluminum, brass constructed regulator is capable of enduring temperature variation of the environment and achieve better stability and consistency during operation.

Corrosion Resistant
Brass is a highly corrosion resistant material in high humidity environment. Therefore, AQUATEK’s regulators are perfect for aquarium usage.

Less Leakage and Lasting Durability
Compared to aluminum, brass is a stronger and more durable material with higher density (very heavy) and is resistant to friction, wear and tear. It minimizes the connector’s thread from damaging which could lead to leakage. This is an important feature since we need to frequently assemble regulator onto the CO2 tank when the tank needs to get refilled.

Q: Why does not the output pressure meter drop to zero after detached from the CO2 cylinder?

A: If your CO2 cylinder is not equipped with pressure release valve, then, residual CO2 gas could be trapped inside the regulator causing the meter to register output pressure while detached from the CO2 cylinder. To reset the output pressure meter, simply loosen the needle valve and turn on the solenoid by plugging it into an outlet. The trapped CO2 gas will be released and meter will reset to zero.

Q: Where can I find the CO2 cylinders?

A: Contact local aquarium store, the local beverage factory which sells fountain drinks or local paintball shop.

Q: What is the proper maintenance for the solenoid?

A: Occasionally, there are dirt particles inside the CO2 tank, via the connector or the air tube that may get stuck inside the solenoid, which can affect its proper functioning (e.g. continue air leak after solenoid shuts off). To reverse this issue, simply cleanse the inner cavity of the solenoid by unscrewing the four screws and flush out dirt particles with an air canister. Post cleaning, enclose the solenoid by tightening the original screws. Before attaching the solenoid to your CO2 tank, you must first plug the regulator into a power outlet for 3 seconds and unplug. You should hear a “click” sound when the solenoid is plugged in. After this procedure, air leak issues should be mitigated.

AQUATEK 3-in-1 Diffuser with Bubble Counter and Check Valve

Q: What is the easier way to remove the ceramic disk to fill the diffuser with water?

A: Here is a tip to help you remove the ceramic disk for the first time: first, remove the plastic cap, then find the edge of the blue rubber ring and pinch on the edge to tug upwards. This may require a bit of force. You may also use a pair of tweezers to tug on the blue rubber ring. The first time is the toughest.

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Place an order and Payment Information

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: We accept payment via Money orders, wire transfers, personal checks and Paypal.

Q: What kinds of discounts are available?

A: We offer quantity discounts. Please contact us for quotations.

Q: I need to return an item. Do I need a return authorization number for it?

A: All products we sold on www.aquatek-california.com carry a 30-day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. We’ll issue you a refund for the price paid for the item less 15% restocking fee in the original form of payment. Please make sure the products are in their original condition and packaging with all contents and accessories included, and return it to us within 30 days of your purchase date. Return shipping is not covered under the return policy. All return requests made past 30 days from the purchase date are determined on a case-by-case basis and must be accompanied by a RMA. Please contact us via email service@aquatek-california.com to obtain your RMA #.
We do not accept returns nor approve exchanges for any international orders. Returns and exchanges are only approved if the buyer pays for return shipping. For exchanges, buyer must pay both return shipping and any charges to ship back.

Q: How long does it take to receive credit on return items?

A: All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Refund will be made in the original form of payment within 7 days after the item is received.

Q: Do you have local distributors or repair centers in my area?

A: No, we do not have any other distributors or repair centers.

Q: How long is the warranty on ChillMaster cooling fans, CO2 regulators and Ozonizers?

A: The warranty period covering is 90 days since the date of the purchase.

Q: What should I do if I received damaged shipments?

A: We try our best to prevent damage to all packages during transit by packing each order carefully. Unfortunately, there will be the occasional damaged shipment. In this case, please hold onto all of the packaging and contact us immediately. Please make sure that you do not discard any part of the original packaging. Carefully describe the condition of the packaging material of the damaged items. We will try our best to replace the damaged items for you as soon as possible.
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Shipping and Handling

Q: What are the shipping Options?

A: Orders are shipped via standard shipping unless requested otherwise. Standard shipping carriers include USPS, UPS and FedEx Ground. Expedited shipping carriers include USPS Express and FedEx Express.

Items shipped outside of the 48 Continental states require additional shipping charge. Please contact us for S&H quotation before purchasing.

We CAN NOT ship items to PO Box addresses at this time.

Q: How to place an order?

A: Order can be placed by contacting us via email. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Q: How do you determine shipping costs?

A: The weight of the order, type of materials, number and size of boxes, method of shipment and distance to the destination all contribute to the cost of shipping.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: Most orders received Monday through Friday by 4 PM EST are shipped the same day once full payment is received.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We offer international shipping to selected countries outside of the U.S. Please contact us for S&H quotation prior to purchase. Please note that you are responsible for any import tax, duties or other custom fees for any international shipments.
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